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Current Development Applications

Overhead view of a subdivision and small lake

This site contains links to documents, including Official Plan and Zoning By-law amendments, draft plans of subdivision and condominiums, drawings and other documents associated with the development application process.

Note: Documents are for information purposes only. 

​File Name ​Address Application Type​ ​Other Information
Z-007/18, OPA 120 0 9th Concession Zoning, Official Plan Amendment Windsor Regional Hospital
Z-008/18 319 Chilver Road Zoning
Z-010/18 0 Seneca Street Zoning
Z-011/18, OPA 124 3805, 3809, 3813, 3817 Howard Avenue Zoning, Official Plan Amendment
Z-013/18, SDN-003/18 Rockport Street Zoning​, Subdivision
Z-014/18 300 Giles Boulevard East ​Zoning
Z-015/18, OPA 126

850 Wyandotte Street West,
530-572 Crawford Avenue

​Zoning, Official Plan Amendment
​Z-018/18 0 Broadhead Street​ Zoning​
​OPA 121 3575, 3585 Forest Glade Drive​ ​Official Plan Amendment
​SDN-002/18 3568 Howard Avenue​ Subdivision​
​CDM-002/18 ​871 Ottawa Street Condominium​
​Z-022/18 ​3842, 3846 Peter Street ​Zoning
​Z-024/18 ​4200 Tecumseh Road East ​Zoning
​Z-001/19 ​3112 Wyandotte Street West ​Zoning
​Z-002/19 ​759 Rankin Avenue ​​Zoning
SDN-001/19 ​Locke Street ​​Subdivision
​SDN-002/19, OPA-001/19, Z-004/19, OPA 123  ​1600 Lauzon Road ​Subdivision, Zoning, Official Plan Amendment
​Z-008/19 ​1920 Grove Avenue ​Zoning
​Z-012/19 ​980 Lillian Avenue & 614 Erie Street East ​Zoning
​Z-017/19 ​6550, 6560 Wyandotte Street East ​Zoning
SDN-004/19 ​Little River Boulevard and Florence Avenue ​Subdivision
​SDN-005/19 ​Luxury Avenue Subdivision​
​Z-018/19 ​3493 Sandwich Street ​Zoning
​CDM-001/19 ​480 Fairview Boulevard ​Condominium​
​CDM-002/19 ​955 Ouellette Avenue ​Condominium​

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