​Committee of Adjustment Meeting Agenda

The most recent Committee of Adjustment meeting agenda is as follows:

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A-059/23 Minor Variance Report

Weishi Xie
2637 Norfolk Street
Relief: To construct an addition with minimum side yard width.


A-060/23 Minor Variance Report

Derek David Elliott
444 Belleperche Place
Relief: Construct a detached accessory building exceeding the maximum building height.

Habib Zadi

773 Lincoln Road
Relief: Construction of a detached Additional Dwelling Unit (ADU) in the rear yard with maximum accessory lot coverage and parking requirement for the main dwelling.
Adiammum Real Estate Inc.
870 Wyandotte Street East
Consent: Create a new lot.

Victoria Lynn Fritz

1864 Larkin Road
Consent: Validation of Title.


A-061/23 Minor Variance Report

Robert Ferlaino,
Zora Ferlaino
3025 McRobbie Crescent
Relief: The construction of a single-unit dwelling with reduced minimum lot and side yard width and exceeding maximum garage width requirement.


A-062/23 Minor Variance Report

Community Living Windsor 2840 Temple Drive
Relief: Proposed construction of additional parking spaces with reduced minimum front yard depth.


A-063/23 Minor Variance Report

Michael James Ross 904 Felix Avenue
Relief: Construct an addition to convert the existing single-unit dwelling into multiple-dwelling with four dwelling units with reduced minimum front yard depth, minimum separation of an accessory from the dwelling wall, and exceeding maximum lot coverage.


B-042/23 Minor Variance Report

Joseph Robert Charbonneau  527 Jarvis Avenue Consent: Lot addition.


A-064/23 Minor Variance Report

Enrique Raboy Sala 853 Ford Boulevard Relief: Creation of three lots with minimum lot width for the retained and severed lots and minimum side yard width for the retained lot.

Download the September 28 agenda.

Committee of Adjustment Hearings - Video/Audio - November 12, 2020 (YouTube)​​