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Windsor-Essex County Children and Youth Planning Committee

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The Windsor-Essex County Children and Youth Planning Committee is working to build an effective integrated system of services that supports children and youth, ages birth to 12 years and their families. The committee provides leadership for this process in the form of input, advice and recommendations. This serves to inform the broader system planning as well as planning done by individual agencies/sectors in an effort to integrate services into a system and create a seamless service experience for children, youth and their families.

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All children, youth and families are healthy and valued.

Mission Statement

Through a collaborative, integrated approach, we plan, lead and implement strategies to achieve the best outcomes for children, youth and families in Windsor-Essex County.

This image is comprised of key words from the vision and mission statement of the Windsor‐Essex County Children and Youth Planning Committee (CYPC). It was created as a reminder that this is what is important for building a foundation for children and their families in Windsor‐Essex County.

The CYPC agrees that the vision and mission statement will be revisited as we continue to revisit and update the Child Care and Early Years Service System Plan.

Terms of Reference and Membership

Membership is broad in nature in order to capture input from parents and agencies involved in the delivery of services to children, youth and their families. 

If you would like more information about the Windsor-Essex Children and Youth Planning Committee please contact:

Dawn Bosco, Manager of Children’s Services

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