Standing Committees

Clerk's Note:  All members of Council shall meet as a Striking Committee as soon as convenient after the inaugural meeting of Council to make recommendations on the appointment of members to the various Council Committees, and other Boards, Commissions and Agencies, in accordance with the City of Windsor Council Appointment Policy. Appointment of members to the various Committees, Boards, Commissions and Agencies may be for any duration up to and including the full term of the Council, or until their successors are appointed.  Applications to serve on various committees along with the application process/deadlines will be posted to this webpage in the near future.

Executive Committee Model Structure

Four Standing Committees have been adopted as follows:

1. Corporate Services Standing Committee

2. Development & Heritage Standing Committee

3. Environment, Transportation & Public Safety Standing Committee

4. Community Services Standing Committee

  • With this new structure, City Council will meet twice a month, and each Standing Committee will meet once a month.
  • Advisory Committees will report through their respective Standing Committees to Council.
  • Boards and Commissions will continue to report as per their founding legislation, but they will provide information updates through their respective Standing Committees.
  • Council at its meeting held August 27, 2012 reconfigured the six standing committees to four standing committees by merging the Economic Development Standing Committee with the Planning Standing Committee; and the Public Safety Standing Committee with the Environment & Transportation Standing Committee (CR195/2012).
  • Council at its meeting held January 7, 2019 changed names of three of the standing committees. The Executive Standing Committee is now called the Corporate Services Standing Committee. The Planning, Heritage & Economic Development Standing Committee is now called the Development & Heritage Standing Committeee. And the Social Development, Health & Culture Standing Committee is now called the Community Services and Parks Standing Committee (CR7/2019).
  • Council at its Striking Committee meeting held January 17, 2022 changed the name of the Community Services and Parks Standing Committee to Community Services Standing Committee (CR54/2022).

City Council and Standing Committee Schedule


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