Rodents and Pests

Rodents, Skunks and Pests


  • Effective April 3, 2017, the Rodent Extermination Program has been reinitiated.
  • Call 311 to schedule an inspection and to be advised of further details.
  • This program is for residential properties only.


  • Call 311 to schedule an inspection. The inspector will advise the homeowner on ways to prevent skunks from being attracted to your property, e.g. store garbage indoors; secure the perimeter of decks, sheds and crawl spaces; feed pets inside.
  • This program is for residential properties only.
  • The skunk trapping and euthanasia program was cancelled effective August 4, 2014 per Council Resolution #187/2014.

Raccoon and Opossum:

  • Please refer to "Pest Control Services" in the Yellow Pages of your phone book.
  • Call Wings for more information on living and dealing with urban wildlife 519-736-8172.

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