Best Start and Natural Neighbourhood Boundaries

Best Start Neighbourhoods

Five young children playing together in a forest, low angle view
Consistent usage of boundaries is critical in making comparisons of data over periods of time and in making comparisons between neighbourhoods or other geographies. Best Start Neighbourhoods (BSNs) were established in partnership with the former Best Start Network (now Children and Youth Planning Committee) in 2006. Best Start Neighbourhoods are geographical areas in Windsor‐Essex used by City of Windsor Children’s Services for planning purposes. The BSNs were established in line with the concept of schools first and with the notion of a hub of child care and early years services that was accessible to children and families living in Windsor‐Essex. Child care and early years community partners are encouraged to adopt the same boundaries to facilitate planning, information sharing and collaboration. A total of seven (7) BSNs have been established for the City of Windsor and seven (7) BSNs have been established for Essex County.

Map of Widnsor Best Start NeighbourhoodsMap of Essex County Best Start Neighbourhoods