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Special Events with the City of Windsor

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The City of Windsor offers a variety of special event locations in City parks and outdoor facilities and locations throughout the community. Our Special Events team can assist you with large-scale festivals at spaces like the Riverfront Festival Plaza, and with smaller community events at neighbourhood parks.

Connect with the Special Events team

Our Special Events team can provide guidance to organizers of events in municipal venues for events that require street closures, by-law waivers, or other special considerations. Our expertise includes assisting in organizing international, regional and community events.

If you have questions about your special events, please begin by contacting:

Will Alexander
Special Events Supervisor
519-253-2300 ext. 2724


Taylor Tessier
Recreation Clerk
519-253-2300 ext. 2709


Email parkrec@citywindsor.ca

Hosting a Special Event?

If you are hosting a special event, here is some helpful information to keep in mind:

What is a Special Event?

A special event is any organized activity that consists of more than 25 participants and is held at City outdoor recreational facilities, parks, trails and other public property. Special events include runs and walkathons, parades, festivals, outdoor concerts and picnics.

Obtaining a Special Event Permit:

  • Ensures that you have priority and exclusive use of the venue
  • Ensures that all legal and legislated conditions are adhered to

Applying for a Special Event Permit:

The sooner you contact the City of Windsor's Special Events team to obtain required municipal approval for your event, the better able we are to assist you through the process. Please prepare the following in advance:

  1. Event Name
  2. Date
  3. Location
  4. Background/Purpose of the Event
  5. Expected Attendance
  6. Set-Up Details

Support is Available For:

General Inquiries:

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