Local Improvement Petitions

How do I have streetlights, sidewalks, or curbs and gutters installed on my street?
Currently, municipalities can undertake certain works as local improvements and raise all or part of the costs associated with it from the property owners whose lots abut directly on the work. The cost to be assessed upon these lots is determined by the properties frontage measurement and a rate applied to each metre of the same.

A work may be undertaken as:

  • A local improvement under Ontario Regulation 586/06, made under the Municipal Act, 2001.
  • On the initiative of City Council.
  • By a petition by property owners.
  • On the recommendation of the Minister of Health or Municipal Board of Health.
  • On approval from the Ontario Municipal Board.

In each case, a Notice indicating the intention to undertake the work is given to every affected property owner. Where the work is on the initiative of Council, a majority of the owners may prevent the municipality from undertaking the work by filing a negative petition.

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