How Do I Get Into Long-Term Care?

To live at Huron Lodge or any other long-term care home, you must first be assessed by the Home and Community Care Support Services formerly the Local Health Integration Network (LHIN). The Home and Community Care Support Services authorizes all admissions into long-term care. They can be contacted via the link below. Once you have been assessed and are looking for a long-term care home, please contact the social work department to arrange for a tour.

Step 1: Contact Home and Community Care Support Services:

  • All applications for admission to Huron Lodge must be made through Home and Community Care Support Services.
  • Home and Community Care Support Services manages and coordinates all placements into long-term care homes in Ontario.

Step 2: Contact the Social Work Department at Huron Lodge

  • The Social Workers at Huron Lodge will be able to give you any additional information and provide a tour of the home. Booking a tour provides a set appointment time, which allows us to facilitate a better tour and take the time to answer any questions you may have.
  • Our social workers Mercedes Buhagiar, Andrew Francescone and Ashleigh Erdelyan can be contacted through our reception desk at (519) 253-6060 by phone or via or or by email.

Sign outside Huron Lodge reading 1881 Cabana Road West

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Privacy Statement

At Huron Lodge, we recognize that your health information deserves to be treated with respect and sensitivity. We are committed to protecting the privacy, confidentiality and security of your personal health information as part of our commitment to quality care and in accordance to Ontario's Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004. If you have questions about our privacy policies or wish to discuss specific issues, please contact our Privacy Officer through our reception desk or by calling (519) 253-6060.