Community Energy Plan

Community Energy Plan logo and motto: a powerful plan for the futureIn 2006, the City of Windsor completed its first Environmental Master Plan, which prioritized the following five goals:

  • Goal A: Improve Our Air and Water Quality
  • Goal B: Create Healthy Communities
  • Goal C: Green Windsor
  • Goal D: Use Resources Efficiently
  • Goal E: Promote Awareness

Building upon these goals, the City has developed a long-term comprehensive plan to further them through the Community Energy Plan (CEP). The Community Energy Plan was approved by City Council on Monday, July 17, 2017.

This plan will result in the City improving energy efficiency; modifying land use planning; reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions; and fostering green energy solutions throughout Windsor, while supporting local economic development. CEPs encompass a community’s residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, as well as institutional and transportation energy use and water use.

Following extensive analysis of energy use in the city, community consultation and engagement, the City of Windsor’s final CEP builds upon the priorities identified in the Environmental Master Plan, and includes recommendations for capital projects, timelines and commitments to integrate smart energy recommendations into other relevant municipal planning instruments such as the Official Plan, strategic plans, community economic strategies and development priorities.

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