Willistead Manor

Willistead Manor Exterior, photo courtesy of Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island

1899 Niagara Street. Windsor, Ontario, Canada, N8Y 1K3

Phone: (519) 253-2365 Fax: (519) 253-5101 General: 311

Office hours of operation:

  • Tuesday to Saturday - 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Sunday - Closed.
  • Monday - Closed.

Willistead Manor is a 36-room mansion that sits within a 15-acre park. Built in 1906, the Manor was briefly the home of Edward Chandler Walker and his wife, Mary. Today, this cultural gem in the City of Windsor is a perfect location for weddings, receptions, meetings and other special events.

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Willistead Manor is an accessible facility. Accessible features include an interior elevator between floors, and an exterior ramp.

2024 Main Courtyard Restoration Project

From January 2024 to the end of May 2024, the main courtyard at Willistead Manor will undergo a full restoration. This work will include tearing up the temporary concrete courtyard that was poured during the 2018 restoration work and removing the accessible ramp contained within the courtyard. During this important restoration project, the main courtyard will be closed and inaccessible. In an effort to minimize the impact on potential guests, small-scale rental bookings, including weddings and receptions, will still be considered by facility staff, taking the following into account:

  • Daytime bookings during weekdays will not be accepted during this time.
  • Evening bookings during weekdays and weekends will be accepted during this time, at the discretion of staff.
  • Regular rental booking rates will apply during this time; no discounts will be provided.
  • Main courtyard and west facade will be closed and not available for photographs during this time.
  • The main door of Willistead Manor will be closed and inaccessible during this time.
  • Guest access for events will be through the Paul Martin Gardens, and into the Great Hall.
  • An accessible ramp is available in the Paul Martin Gardens.

To determine whether or not your rental event is possible during this restoration project period, and to arrange a mandatory site visit to discuss your rental with facility staff, please contact 519-253-2365 by phone or willistead@citywindsor.ca by email.

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