What is Hoarding?

Hoarding is temporary fencing/enclosure of the right-of-way for construction purposes (typically fencing, barrels, storage equipment, materials or vehicles). Review of a Traffic Control Plan or Pedestrian Control Plan by Transportation Planning is required as part of the Hoarding Application.

Types of Hoarding Permits

Day Road Closure Permit

  • Work will be completed during daylight hours only
  • Review by the Transportation Planning Department required 

Hoarding Permit

  • Long term closures (overnight)
  • Review by the Transportation Planning Department required  
  • Certificate of Insurance required

Fees are calculated monthly based on the current User Fee Schedule.


The following is required prior to issuance of a permit:

  • A scaled drawing of the area showing dimensions and area to be hoarded (maximum drawing size, 11 in x 17 in). The drawing may need to be signed by the City Engineer or Chief Building Official, their designates or others, depending on the extent. 
  • A copy of the Traffic Control Plan or Pedestrian Control Plan provided to the Transportation Planning Department (tcp@citywindsor.ca) for their review.
  • A Certificate of Insurance approved by the Risk Management Department providing the following coverage (Hoarding Permit only):
    • The Corporation of the City of Windsor added as an additional insured
    • Liability insurance in the amount of $2 million per occurrence
    • Evidence that the policy contains a cross liability clause with respect to the hoarding
    • Note: The Corporation of the City of Windsor requires 30 days written notice if a policy is altered, cancelled or allowed to lapse.
  • Payment of fees

The permit can be taken out in the contractor's name, however the property owner(s) or their legal agent must sign the permit application, as any unpaid permit fees will be placed against the property as taxes. 


Day Closure: $212.00

Hoarding in Boulevard/Sidewalk: $0.75/linear foot/calendar month

Hoarding in Roadway: $0.75/square foot/calendar month

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