Changes to Your Tax Account

Statement of Account:

  • A Statement of Account is sent to a property owner when a change is made to the tax account. Changes may include a change in ownership or a mortgage change/renewal. This statement will show what has been billed so far in the current year and the outstanding balance, if any.

Ownership/Legal Description

  • All notices are printed with the ownership record listed in the City of Windsor database. If an incorrect owner appears on your notice, or if there is a discrepancy regarding your legal description, please fax, mail, or bring a copy of your deed to our office. (Note: A $75.00 administrative fee will be added to your tax account when a complete ownership change has been made.) 
  • Please note, if a change is required to information on a deed, residents should seek advice from the Land Registry Office and/or legal counsel to enact the changes. 
  • If an owner on the property becomes deceased, please fax, mail, or bring the death certificate along with a written request to remove the name from the account to our office. Requests should include the property address, roll number, and signature from the property owner (or designate, if the property owner is deceased).

Mailing Address

  • If the mailing address changes on a property, please fax, mail, or bring a written request to our office (350 City Hall Square West). Requests should include the property address, roll number, and signature from the property owner(s).
  • Download Name and/or Mailing Address Change Form (PDF).  You may also use this form to correct misspelled names on the account.


  • If you are changing mortgage companies, renewing your mortgage, taking payments over from your mortgage company, or allowing your mortgage company to make payments on your behalf, your mortgage company will make all of the necessary changes with the City of Windsor Tax Department.