Recreational Staff Frequently Asked Questions

What is Recreational Staff employment?

The City of Windsor, throughout the year, hires individuals on a temporary part-time basis to work within the Parks, Recreation & Culture and Facilities Department. The department offers various programs and services to the community throughout the year. Employment opportunities are a result of the need for qualified individuals to be hired to assist the specific recreation centres in offering their programs.

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What positions are available under Recreational Staff employment?

Recreation Staff Employment encompasses positions of Hostess/Guide, Recreation Program Instructor, Facility Attendant, Lifeguard, Marina Attendant, Aquatics Instructor, Marina Coordinator, Program Coordinator, Program Development Supervisor, Aquatics Area Supervisor and Pool Supervisor.

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What is the minimum age requirement to be employed by the City of Windsor - Recreational Employment?

To be employed by the City of Windsor, an applicant must be 16 years of age at time of application; however, the following positions only require the applicant to be 15 years of age at time of hire: Recreation Program Instructor, Facility Attendant, Lifeguard & Aquatics Instructor, and Marina Attendant. Please be sure to check the job posting qualification requirements.

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What are the qualifications and requirements to be eligible to apply?

To be eligible to work as Recreation Staff, an applicant must meet the qualifications as listed on the job posting under consideration.

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What is the rate of pay for Recreation Staff?

Applicants hired under Recreation Staff employment are considered probationary employees for the full period of employment and receive the appropriate pay rate established by the governing collective agreement.

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When and where are the Recreation Staff opportunities advertised?

The City of Windsor's website, on the Employment Opportunities page advertises positions when available for Summer Employment programs with the Parks, Recreation & Culture and Facilities Department.

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How do I apply?

The City of Windsor only accepts applications for employment opportunities that are posted/advertised. Please refer to the "How To Apply" section in each job posting for how to submit an application with your resume and cover letter. A separate application must be submitted for each position to which you are applying. We encourage all attachments in your application to be in Word or portable document format (PDF).

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What are the deadlines for the applications to be submitted?

Please refer to each specific job posting for deadline details.

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How will I be notified in the event that I am given further consideration for a position?

Representatives of the Parks, Recreation & Culture and Facilities Department will be responsible for reviewing resumes and/or applications in relation to the qualifications and experience of the position. As part of the recruitment process, a test and/or interview may be conducted. Selected applicants will be determined based on their overall ranking in the recruitment process and their availability for work based on the requirements of said position.

A representative will contact you directly to schedule a test and/or interview and will notify you directly in the event you are successful in the competition.

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What happens if I am successful in obtaining a position with the Recreation and Culture department?

In the event you are offered a position as part of the Recreation Staff employment, a supervisor or designate will meet with you directly to outline the details of your employment. You will be required to provide the following documents prior to your official starting date:

  • Social Insurance Card (It is a requirement that the original card be presented at time of documentation. If you have misplaced your card, please contact the nearest Employment Office for a replacement card as soon as possible. If your replacement card will not be ready in time for documentation, please bring with you the receipt from the Employment Office)
  • Birth Certificate, Passport, or Baptismal Certificate (original document required)
  • Proof of educational requirements, as per requirements of position (original documents required)
  • Direct Deposit Information (voided cheque or bank book with a bank stamp indicating the bank's transit number [5 digits], bank's institution number [3 digits], and full account number) in the event you do not have the above information, banking institutions are able to offer a direct deposit form with all your banking details noted on the form
  • Completion of current TD1 (governmental taxation) forms
  • Valid Ontario driver's licence (if applicable to position requirements)
  • Satisfactory police clearance (if applicable to position requirements)
  • Completion of a Hiring Approval Form (the supervisor or designate will provide the form for completion)
  • Family Relationship Declaration Form (to be completed in accordance with Corporate Policy)
  • Completion of Respectful Workplace Form
  • Review and receipt of Conflict of Interest/Code of Conduct Policies

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Will Orientation/Training be provided?

All new employees are required to view the online Corporate Employee Orientation Program at time of hire.

A general orientation will be offered to new employees, applicable to divisional requirements of the Parks, Recreation & Culture and Facilities Department.

The Corporation has mandated an online Corporate Employee Safety Orientation to be completed by all new employees prior to commencing their duties in their new position. All employees must complete this training. An employee will not be able to actively work in their position until satisfying this training requirement.

All employees are required to meet the minimum requirements of the position. There are mandatory training courses to be completed for all new employees specific to the particular position. The training schedule can be accessed on the City of Windsor's Recreational Staff Employment webpage.

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If I have worked with the City of Windsor previously, can I be rehired?

For those previously employed, consideration for a position would be based on meeting the minimum requirements of the position, the outcome of the recruitment process, and subject to a previously satisfactory work history.

For general information, please call 311.

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For detailed inquiries, contact:

Human Resources Department
400 City Hall Square East, Suite 408
Windsor, Ontario, N9A 7K6
Phone: (519) 255-6515
Fax: (519) 255-6504