Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

Joe Mancina, CAO

Joe Mancina portrait

Thank you for visiting The Corporation of the City of Windsor’s website and for your interest in the administrative functions of our municipality.

My name is Joe Mancina. I assumed the role of Chief Administrative Officer on May 1, 2023, after serving as Commissioner, Corporate Services/Chief Financial Officer & City Treasurer.

I’m proud that I’ve been an employee of the corporation for almost 35 years and a member of the remarkable team that has successfully navigated us through a number of operational and financial challenges and helped City Council secure a strong operational and financial position for the City of Windsor.

Working closely with the Mayor and City Council and our Corporate Leadership Team, it is my job to ensure City Council’s goals and objectives are achieved. This is realized by managing the daily operations of service delivery and leading ongoing improvements with a goal of greater efficiency, as well as the development, recommendation and implementation of corporate policy.

Responsibilities of the CAO:

As provided in By-law 218-2002, the CAO serves at the pleasure of City Council and has responsibility as follows:

  • For the management of human, fiscal, and physical resources of the City.
  • To lead, direct, coordinate and supervise the implementation of the policies and programs approved by City Council.
  • To provide strategic guidance and advice to City Council for the effective delivery of programs and services in a manner consistent with the well being of all City residents.
  • To provide leadership and direction to all departments, ensuring the corporate coordination of the activities of all departments and the efficient and consistent implementation of policies and decisions of City Council.
  • To encourage throughout the City’s administration a continuous search for improvement in the delivery of City services to the public and the management of the City’s affairs.
  • To foster a positive working relationship with the Members of City Council, and build a positive and collegial atmosphere with all City employees and bargaining units.
  • To foster a climate of positive community relations.
  • To carry out such additional duties and exercise such additional responsibilities as Council may from time to time prescribe.
  • To manage the interests of the Corporation on intergovernmental issues at the administrative level through active participation in professional associations and through lobbying efforts with applicable Provincial and Federal ministries, agencies and crown corporations, and foreign governments.
  • To develop and maintain communication linkages with officials, groups, agencies, other jurisdictions and stakeholders as is necessary to carry out the responsibilities of the office of the Chief Administrative Officer and promote the interests of the City.

Additional Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Regular updates to the Corporate and Community Strategic Planning initiative.
  • Regular organizational and operational reviews, ensuring effective and efficient utilization of existing resources.
  • Regular reports on the overall efficiency of operations.
  • The financial control of the Corporation with general assistance from the Treasurer, ensuring quarterly reporting to Council on the financial status of the municipality.
  • The annual estimates (current and capital budgets) and subsequent implementation and monitoring of such budgets as approved by City Council, through the office of the Treasurer.
  • The Corporation’s Annual Performance Measures as required by Provincial regulations.
  • Information and reports in a timely manner for deliberation, as requested by Council.
  • Administrative responsibilities and duties as may be delegated by Council through resolution or by-law.
  • Administrative and or policy/operational issues and advice as may be requested or required by Council, including attendance at all Council meetings, being entitled to speak at the meeting with the consent of the Chairman of Council.
  • Regularly scheduled meetings with the Senior Management of the Corporation for the purpose of providing direction and discussing management issues, corporate policy and general coordination of matters of significance to the operations of the Corporation.
  • Support for economic development initiatives.
  • Initiation and maintenance of linkages with various local organizations, boards and agencies, as well as provincial and federal governments, agencies and associations.