Service Enhancements

2024 Transit Windsor Route Changes

Effective September 1, 2024, changes are coming to Transit Windsor routes as part of the Transit Windsor 2023 City Council–approved service plan.

These changes eliminate the Dominion 5 route and implement two new routes: Route 115 and Route 305. These new routes will help streamline transit services and move towards being a transfer-based system as identified in the Transit Master Plan (2020). The Tunnel route is also being adjusted as part of these changes. 

Transit Windsor System Map with Route 115 and Route 305

Transit Windsor System Map 2024 thumbnail

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Route 115

  • A primary route that is similar to the Dominion 5 route
  • Streamlined service from Windsor International Transit Terminal to St. Clair College
  • Service in both directions for the entire route

Route 305

  • A local route that provides service to residential areas of South Windsor
  • Starting and ending at Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare Terminal and St. Clair College Terminal

Tunnel Bus

  • Will no longer service Little Caesars Arena and instead end its trip to Detroit at Rosa Parks Transit Centre

Here's the detailed information on our route changes.

New Bus Stop Signs
Transit Windsor is implementing new bus stop signs, which will be installed when current signs need to be replaced.

What's different about the new bus stop signs?

  • Thinner and longer
  • Fully reflective
  • Colour route category (See below for categories and colours.)
  • Route direction removed
  • Text feature removed
  • Bus location removed

Bus Stop Sign sample with green route 14 indicator, bus stop I.D. 772053, phone number 519-944-4111 and web address

Route Categories and Colours

  • Primary Routes: Blue
  • Secondary Routes: Purple
  • Local Routes: Green
  • Express Routes: Orange
  • Regional Routes: Black
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