Temporary Care Assistance

Temporary Care Assistance is available to adults who will be taking care of a child for a short period of time, as the child will return to the care of his/her parents as soon as possible.

A child may be temporarily in the care of an adult for reasons including:

  • Parent(s) temporarily unable to support the child financially
  • Special circumstances (e.g. parent is in hospital for an extended period)

How Do I Apply for Temporary Care Assistance?

To get started, call 519-255-5600 or toll free at 1-866-925-2022.

Temporary Care Assistance Appointment

If you’re applying to be a temporary care provider for a child, please bring the items listed below to your appointment.

For the Child:

Please bring the following for each dependent child for whom you are applying as a Temporary Care provider:

  • Proof of Date of birth for all temporary care children (birth certificates, school records, hospital records, etc.)  
  • Health Card numbers for all temporary care children 
  • Information about all temporary care children’s assets (current bank account balances and statements for the past sixty days, life insurance policies, investments, trust funds, vehicles, etc.) 
  • Information about all temporary care children’s income from all sources (this includes support payments, National Child Benefit Supplement [NCBS]/Child Tax Credit/Baby Bonus)
  • Proof of Citizenship, landed immigrant status or refugee status for all temporary care children
  • Verification of all temporary care children’s school attendance (timetables, attendance reports and report cards)

For Yourself:

  • Documentation of any custody arrangements through the Children’s Aid Society or the courts
  • Verification of current address
  • Identification