Interactive Voice Response IVR

What is the IVR?

The IVR is an automated telephone line that provides active social assistance recipients with access to information about their case.

To gain access to information through the IVR, you will need your nine-digit member ID and four-digit PIN number.

Ask your Ontario Works caseworker to assist with setting up your access to the IVR.

How Do Ontario Works Recipients Access the IVR?

If you are receiving Ontario Works, you can access the IVR by calling 1-800-808-2268.

When you access the IVR, you can:

  • Access information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Hear payment amounts and overpayment balances
  • Review outstanding verification items
  • Access decisions about additional benefit requests
  • Report earnings
  • Obtain local office contact details
  • Connect directly to the local office