Private Culvert Rehabilitation Program

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What is the Private Culvert Rehabilitation Subsidy Program?

A culvert is a pipe constructed under a driveway or lawn, which provides private property access over a ditch or drain in the right-of-way and is commonly made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), high density polyethylene (HDPE), corrugated steel pipe (CSP) or concrete materials. Over time, these culverts start to deteriorate, which can cause issues with the surface material above (concrete, asphalt or grass) or eventually lead to a collapse. The main benefit of this program is to help prevent flooding due to a collapsed culvert, as the replacement of damaged pipes could reduce the likelihood of flooding to surrounding properties and improve the conveyance of water through the ditch.

The City is offering owners of residential dwellings (single family and duplex homes) with a maximum of two units (located within the city of Windsor) a financial subsidy to replace their existing failing culverts.

Private Culvert Rehabilitation Subsidy Eligible Amounts:

Subsidies for eligible work are subject to available funding and provided on a first-come, first-served basis. They are provided one time only, per property and on a no-fault basis. In the event that a property has multiple culverts requiring rehabilitation, the City Engineer will determine if a rebate can be provided for subsequent culverts.

Culvert Type/Size Subsidy Amount
Small Culvert - diameter up to 18 inches (0.46 metres) 100% of cost ($500 maximum)
Medium Culvert - diameter from 18 inches to 48 inches (0.46 metres to 1.2 metres) 100% of cost ($1,000 maximum)
Large Culvert - diameter greater than 48 inches (1.2 metres) 100% of cost ($2,000 maximum)
Bridge Culvert 100% of cost ($5,000 maximum)

Subsidy Requirements:

  • The culvert and ditch must be located within the municipal right-of-way (not within private property)
  • All eligible culvert rehabilitation work must be completed under a right-of-way permit to the satisfaction of the City Engineer.
  • Any work performed by homeowners themselves does not qualify for subsidy.
  • Disputes with respect to qualifying work will be resolved by the City Engineer or their designate.

What the Program Does Not Cover:

  • Private culverts located over a municipal drain, as the cost of the infrastructure is assessed to benefitting landowners following the individualized drainage report prepared under the Drainage Act
  • Construction of a new private culvert, as this program only covers the rehabilitation of existing culverts
  • Any culvert work completed without a permit

Application and Rebate Process:

The following information outlines the process to apply for and receive a culvert rehabilitation subsidy:

  1. Prior to commencing any work, the homeowner/contractor must submit the following information to the Engineering Department (refer to City of Windsor Drawing AS-209A for culvert information):
    • a. A drawing, outlining the scope of work
    • b. Photos of the existing culvert, including any compromised areas
    • c. Right-of-Way Permit Application, complete with the following:
      • i. Existing and proposed culvert diameter
      • ii. Existing upstream and downstream culvert diameters
      • iii. Existing and proposed culvert length (end to end)
      • iv. Existing and proposed culvert material
  2. The application will be reviewed to determine whether the property is eligible for the rebate program and the permit issued accordingly.
  3. Complete the work and obtain the appropriate inspections. Do not pay the contractor in full until confirmation that the work passed the final inspection is received.
  4. To be considered for the Culvert Rehabilitation Rebate, an owner must apply for the program at any time throughout the permit process or within six (6) months of the permit passing final inspection.
  5. Once the work is completed under a right-of-way permit and has passed final inspection, the owner must provide evidence of a paid invoice from their contractor. The invoice must show a cost breakdown of the charges related to the culvert rehabilitation.
Note: There is some risk that the property owner may not be entitled to receive a subsidy payment, due to the fact that final determination on the eligibility of work performed does not occur until after the City of Windsor has completed the final inspection on the permit.


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