Why Invest in Windsor

Why locate your business in Windsor?

Windsor is an international city with a prime location, great economic prospects and a highly skilled workforce that is eager to work. It is the home to first class educational institutions and hospitals, and it boasts a breathtaking waterfront park system among its many attractions. With a diverse population of approximately 215,000 residents and a land area of 147 square kilometres (57 square miles), Windsor is the right size for your business!

Location advantages

Windsor, Ontario, Canada is strategically located at the crossroads of two nations as one of the most used and important gateways between Canada and the United States. Windsor’s geographical location truly provides unparalleled exposure and easy access to major air, rail and highway links on both sides of the border!

  • Windsor and Detroit are connected by the Ambassador Bridge (North America's most used international cargo crossing), Detroit-Windsor Tunnel, Canadian Pacific Railway Tunnel, and Detroit-Windsor Truck Ferry. Similarly, a proposed second bridge is in process.
  • Windsor has quick access to both Highway 401 and I-75, which allows for convenient travel to major markets in Canada and the United States.
  • The Windsor International Airport is a quick gateway for domestic, business and global travel. The Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, less than an hour’s drive, also provides critical connections to international markets.

Distances and Driving Times from Windsor to Canadian and American Cities

Cities Distance (Kilometres) Distance (Miles) Driving Time in Hours (h) and Minutes (min)
Toronto (Canada) 332 206 4 h 20 min
London (Canada) 165 102 2 h 25 min
Hamilton (Canada) 280 174 3 h 30 min
Ottawa (Canada) 682 424 9 h 10 min
Waterloo (Canada) 285 150 3 h 30 min
Detroit (United States) 4 3 20 min
Chicago (United States) 385 239 5 h 10 min
Ann Arbor (United States) 58 36 30 min
Toledo (United States) 85 53 1 h 15 min
Lansing (United States) 136 84 1 h 50 min
Cleveland (United States) 142 88 3 h 10 min
Pittsburgh (United States) 327 203 5 h 10 min

Windsor as a recognized leader

  • Named as one of the top 7 intelligent communities in the world by the Intelligent Community Forum in 2011.
  • Chosen in 2007 and 2008 as the number one small city for investment in North America by the Financial Times of London.
  • Named among Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Magazine's North American Small Cities of the Future 2007-2008

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Incentives for new and Growing Businesses

The City of Windsor takes an active leadership role in economic development to ensure Windsor's continued prosperity. Through its development incentives, the City of Windsor partners with investors and businesses to contribute to job creation and the diversification of the local economy while retaining Windsor’s local heritage:

For general information, call 311. For detailed inquiries, contact us at:

Planning & Building Services Department
Suite 210, 350 City Hall Square West
Windsor, Ontario, Canada, N9A 6S1
Phone: (519) 255-6543
Fax: (519) 255-6544
Email: planningdept@citywindsor.ca