Main Streets Community Improvement Plan CIP

Collage of various Windsor storefronts and building facades

In 2018, Windsor City Council approved the Building Facade Improvement Program and Urban Design Guidelines for Main Streets Community Improvement Plan. Since the program was created, several owners have taken advantage of the program and improved their storefronts and building facades throughout many of Windsor’s Business Improvement Areas (BIAs). In recent years, City Council also approved other policies and initiatives, such as Traditional Commercial Street Policies, a Demolition Control By-law for Windsor’s main streets, streetscape improvement projects, and "districting" plans for some main streets. These initiatives were created to encourage the retention of main-street buildings, to preserve the unique character and walkability of these areas, to prohibit the creation of surface parking areas abutting main streets, and to encourage improvement on vacant and underutilized property within these main-street areas.

In keeping with the above initiatives, Council amended the Windsor Building Facade Improvement Program and Urban Design Guidelines CIP for Main Streets on September 6, 2022. The updated CIP area has been expanded, additional programs have been added, and the CIP has been renamed as Main Streets:

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