Walkerville Districting
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Walkerville Districting Plan

Historical drawing of the Walkerville riverfront

The Districting Plan for Walkerville's historic neighbourhood is a major revitalization opportunity for Windsor and an important precedent for undertaking similar City Districting Plan projects. Leveraging the urban setting through well managed change will promote vitality in the district and the surrounding city fabric including neighbourhoods, the waterfront and downtown. (BrookMcIlroy)

Current Status of Project:

  • Phase 1 - Background Study - Background Report
Current status, Phase 1 of 3, Background Study

Full Project Timeline

  • Phase 1: Background Study
    • Background Research and Stakeholder Engagement
    • Visioning Workshop and Charette #1
    • Background Report
  • Phase 2: District Vision
    • Community Engagement Discussions
    • Visioning Charrette #2
    • District Vision Document
    • Presentation of Vision to City Council
  • Phase 3: Implementation Plan
    • Conceptual Plan and Development
    • Community Open House
    • Presentation of Plan to City Council

Visioning Workshop

Date/Time: December 3, 2019  at 6:30 – 8:30pm
Location: Walkerville Brewery, 525 Argyle Road, Windsor
Visioning workshop discussions at the Walkerville Brewery in December, 2019

Walkerville Districting map, courtesy of BrookMcIlroy
Map Courtesy of BrookMcIlroy

Historical artist rendering of the Walkerville Distillery buildings

For general information, call 311.  For detailed inquiries, contact:

Nathan Flach
BrookMcIlroy, Consultant
Phone: (416) 504-5997 ext. 258
Email: nflach@brookmcilroy.com 

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