Heritage Regulation

Ontario Heritage Act

The Ontario Heritage Act was created to authorize both the province and its municipalities to register and designate properties of cultural heritage value or interest. Please see the online Ontario Heritage Act for more information.

Official Plan

The City of Windsor Official Plan (OP) provides guidance for the physical development of the municipality. All proposed changes shall conform to the policies of the OP. Some policies specific to heritage conservation include:

Volume 1

Chapter 9: Heritage Conservation

Schedule C.1: Development Constraint Areas: Archaeological Potential

Schedule G: Civic Image (showing Heritage Areas)

Volume 2

Chapter 1: Special Policy Areas

Heritage Permit

The Heritage Permit process is required for changes proposed to designated heritage properties and demolitions requested for all properties on the Windsor Municipal Heritage Register. Please refer to the Heritage Permit page for more information.

Property Standards By-law

Supplementary property standards apply to designated heritage properties. See excerpts of the by-law specific to heritage properties. A full version of the Property Standards Bylaw can be found on By-laws enforced by Building web page.

Standards & Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada

Where regulation has not been put in place for addressing a particular heritage matter, the Standards & Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada provides a benchmarking consistency and best-practices for heritage conservation across Canada.
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