Client and employer at Dimanti Stone Works“The Youth Employment Service is a great program to help the youth find work in the trades of their interest and make a career for themselves. Supports helped me get started. Funding helped me secure work. The employer gave me a chance.” – Matthew L., placed at Dimanti Stone Works

“I am pleased to say that the individual that we brought on through this program has done very well, and we have retained this person after the program’s completion. We look forward to this employee working with us for many years to come. We are also happy to acknowledge that the skills learned by this individual will stay with him throughout his career.” – Phil DiMambro, President Dimanti Stone Works

St. Clair Beach Retirement Community

“I have been involved with the City of Windsor Employment and Training Program since June of 2013.
We have been very happy with the candidates we have worked with and all but one have retained permanent employment with us. The wage subsidy is a bonus and definitely encourages me to stay in close contact with the programs offered at the Employment Centre. In three cases, I was able to hire two people instead of one because of how the wage subsidy off-sets my wage budget for employment. I really enjoy mentoring. Many candidates have low self-esteem and do not realize how valuable they are. It is exciting to watch their growth and also the relationships they build with the seniors and co-workers.
I am proud to be part of the entire process. I truly believe that this program is essential. I wish everyone continued success with the program and services offered.” - Cathy Zucchetto, Executive Director, St. Clair Beach Retirement Community


Sutherland’s relationship with Employment and Training Services has always been a “win/win”. See the full Sutherland Testimonial.

Windsor River Cruises

The City of Windsor Employment and Training Services has been an invaluable asset in our relatively young company ... See the full Windsor River Cruises Testimonial.

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