Unacceptable Materials
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Unacceptable Materials for Garbage Collection:

  • Newspapers, pop cans and cardboard are not garbage and should be placed at the curb on recycling days.
  • Leaves and other yard waste are not garbage and must be placed at the curb on yard waste days.

These materials are also "not garbage" and will not be collected:

  • Grass clippings are collected with yard waste in spring and fall only. Grass clippings are not collected in the summer - see your collection calendar. Grass clippings are charged a fee at the Public Drop Off Depot.
  • Dirt, concrete and bricks  
  • Animal waste - bury in your back yard. 
  • Renovation debris - bring to the Public Drop Off Depot. 
  • Mattresses and furniture - bring to the Public Drop Off Depot.
  • Refrigerators, freezers, window air conditioners or dehumidifiers - bring to the Public Drop Off Depot. A fee of $17.00 is charged.     
  • Metal items - bring to the Public Drop Off Depot free of charge.
  • Railway ties - bring to the Public Drop Off Depot for disposal.  Maximum of 6 can be dropped off at any one time  
  • Motor oil - free motor oil disposal at the Public Drop Off Depot or return your used oil to the merchant that you purchased your new oil from. 
  • Tires (with or without rim) - As of July 1, 2019, can be brought to the Public Drop Off Depot: Cars/light trucks, $1.00 each tire (daily limit of 10 tires maximum); medium truck tires, $15.00 and farm/tractor tires, $35.00. Excluded: bicycle and airplane tires. Air must be removed from tires with a split rim.
  • Electronics - bring to the Public Drop Off Depot for free
  • Chemical waste, paint products, propane tanks - bring to the Household Chemical Waste Depot
  • Asbestos, radioactive, biomedical and unidentified chemical waste are not accepted at the Public Drop Off Depot.   
  • Syringes and medical waste. (see your local pharmacist for a sharps container). Never put sharps and syringes in your garbage. For more information please, see Ontario Sharps Collection Program.  
  • Loose ashes and sawdust - wet material down and place in a cardboard box weighing under 40 pounds, clearly marked "sawdust" and place out for your regular garbage collection. 

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