Pre-school and Parent/Tot Lessons

Pre-school Lessons

Young girl practising under waterIf you are unsure which level you should register your child in, please call: Gino & Liz Marcus Community Complex - 519-253-7028, or Windsor International Aquatic and Training Centre at 519-974-2782. If your child has taken Red Cross Swim Lessons, our registration guidelines chart will give you some idea of the comparable Life Saving Society Swim Lesson level.

To view the courses, times, locations, and fees of our swim programs being offered, please visit and simply click on "new guide."

Parent and Tot Programs

Through structured in-water interaction between parents and child, we stress the importance of play in developing water-positive attitudes and skills. We provide Lifesaving Society Water Smart tips on keeping your child safe in any aquatic setting. Certified instructors provide guidance and answers to your questions. Because activities and progressions are based on child development, please register in the level appropriate for your child's age. 30 minutes.

Parent and Tot 1 - Ages 6 months to 12 months
Parent and Tot 2 - Ages 12 months to 24 months
Parent and Tot 3 - Ages 2 to 3

Pre-school 1

These pre-schoolers will have fun learning to get in and out of the water. We'll help them jump into shallow water, try floats and glides on their front and back, and teach them to wear a Personal Flotation Device (PFD). They'll learn to open their eyes and blow bubbles under water. Ages 3-5, 30 minutes.

Pre-school 2

These pre-schoolers learn to jump into shallow water by themselves and get in and out wearing a PFD. They'll submerge and exhale under water. With a buoyant aid, they'll work on moving through the water kicking on their front and back while wearing a PFD. Ages 3-5, 30 minutes

Pre-school 3

These youngsters will try jumping into chest-deep water, and into deep water wearing a PFD. They'll recover objects from the bottom. They'll work on moving efficiently through the water on their front and back while wearing a PFD. Ages 3-5, 30 minutes

Pre-school 4

Advanced pre-schoolers will learn to do solo jumps into deeper water and get out by themselves. They'll learn to support themselves at the surface and to recover objects from the bottom in deeper water. They'll master short (3-5m) swims on their front and back. Ages 3-5, 30 minutes.

Pre-school 5

Advanced pre-schoolers will practice solo jumps into deeper water, and return and get out by themselves. Swimmers will enter the water with sideways rolls. They will improve their skills of surface support and recovering objects from the bottom of deep water. They will swim 3-5m on their front and back, and whip kick will be introduced. Ages 3-5, 30 minutes.

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