Property for Sale

The purchase of properties and the sale of City-owned properties are under most circumstances handled by:

  • Office of the City Solicitor - Real Estate Division 
  • Frank Scarfone, Manager of Real Estate Services and Chris Carpenter,  Coordinator of Real Estate Services, Real Estate Services are the contacts.

By-Law Number 52-2014 (See By-laws Online) provides Administration with guidelines for the purchase and sale of properties.

The majority of City-owned properties that have been determined to be surplus to the City's needs are listed for sale on the Multiple Listing Service of the local real estate board or offered for sale by owner with a sign as directed by Council.  The properties available for sale can also be found on the City's web site under Current Properties for Sale.

Commercial Properties

Commercial properties are listed for sale with:

  • Buckingham Realty (Windsor) Ltd.

As the properties are listed for sale on the Multiple Listing Service, you can contact the listing agent or the real estate agent of your choice. Your choice of agent does not affect how your offer is treated by Administration.


For general information, call 311. For more detailed information, please contact: