Determining Encroachment Fees

Fees required at the time of application:

  • Encroachment Application Fee (includes G.I.S. fee) - $229.25 per application
  • Encroachment Agreement Fee - $336.60 per agreement
  • Encroachment Surcharge (Refundable Indemnity deposit) - $102.00 per application

Related Fees (due upon completion of Encroachment Agreement):

  • Residential/Partially Exempt Organizations
    • One-time Encroachment Fee (See Schedule A below)
    • Street Opening Permit - $212.00
  • Commercial
    • Annual Encroachment Fee (See Schedule A below)
    • Annual Inspection Fee - $66.00
    • Street Opening Permit - $212.00

Encroachment fees are calculated using Schedule A of the policy. Most residential and partially exempt organization encroachments are a one-time fee through an invoice. All other encroachments are charged annually with an inspection fee and are added to the tax bill for the property. Refer to the current User Fee Schedule for a complete list of Development fees.

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