Markings and Locates

Utility marking and locating is a process for identifying and labeling underground public utility mains and cables to protect them from damage during excavation.

Before any digging or excavation can take place, you must notify all utility companies so that they can locate and mark their underground utility. You can arrange for locates of several utilities through at 1-800-400-2255.

Locate markings are good for one month, after which time you must have them re-marked.

Different colour paint is used to mark the different utilities. Red for electrical power lines, yellow for gas, orange for communications or signal lines, blue for potable water, purple for reclaimed water, green for sewers, white for proposed construction, and pink for survey markings.

The City of Windsor, EnWin - Hydro, EnWin - Water, and other local utilities use the American Public Works Association Uniform Colour Code (ANSI Standard Z53.1).  Markings that locate underground infrastructure are identified in the table below:
Ontario One Call logoColour chart, also detailed below
Some local utility companies and their associated marker colour are detailed in the table below:

​Utility Company ​Locate Colour
​Bell Canada ​Orange
​Union Gas ​Yellow
​EnWin - Hydro ​Red
EnWin - Water ​Blue
​City of Windsor - Traffic Infrastructure ​Fluorescent Red/Orange
City of Windsor - Sewers ​Green

The City of Windsor provides locates for traffic and sewer infrastructure through, 1-800-400-2255.