Supporting Documents

Application Form

  • Collects information about:
    • The individual applying for the licence
    • The dwelling unit being licensed
    • The property's ownership
    • Other people who are responsible for the property
  • Includes a list of supporting documentation that must be provided when applying for a Residential Rental licence
  • Can mostly be completed electronically, but must be printed and signed by the applicant before being submitted

Property Standards and Safety Checklist

  • Collects information to monitor and evaluate the condition of a property 
  • Provides a plain-language summary of the conditions that should be present for a property to pass Fire and Building on-site inspections
  • Should be printed and signed by the applicant or their authorized agent and submitted with the application form

Sample Licensed Electrical Contracting (LEC) Business Electrical System Safety Assessment (ESSA) Letter

  • Example of the letter a property owner would receive from an LEC after an electrician performs an ESSA
  • Highlights key information a letter should include to satisfy licence requirements
  • You can find an LEC business using the Electrical Safety Authority's Contractor Locator.

Decision Chart - Does my property need a licence?

  • Illustrates a series of questions property owners can ask themselves to determine if their property requires a Residential Rental licence