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Break-Open Tickets

Procedures for Break-Open (Nevada) Ticket Lotteries 

  • Break-Open Tickets are instant-win lottery tickets also known as pull-tab or Nevada tickets.
  • All new organizations wishing to sell Break-Open Ticket lotteries in The City of Windsor must provide the Licensing Division with the following information or documents for their application to be considered:
  1. An application form to be completed, in detail, by two bona fide members of the organization.
  2. A copy of the organization's budget for the preceding and coming year detailing how the break-open lottery revenues will be acquired and dispersed, as well as the organization's constitution and/or by-laws.
  3. A copy of the Gaming Supplier registration from the third party location at which the organization is applying to sell the tickets. If the organization is applying for the sale of the tickets at their own premises, they are exempt from providing registration under the Gaming Control Act.
  4. Letters Patent (Federal Government) or Letters of Registration (Provincial Government).
    We will require a letter detailing objects and purposes.
  5. A sample ticket must be attached to every application.

After review of the information submitted:

  • Licensing Division will advise the applicant, by letter, of the status of the application.
  • Once approved, the two signing officers must provide this office with police clearances.
  • The licence fee is 3 percent of prize value per box, payable by cheque only, to The City of Windsor.
  • The cheque must be from your Lottery account and not from a general or personal account.
  • When the Licensee has completed the sale of tickets, the applicant must submit a report form along with a copy of all receipts for each expense incurred within 30 days of the final sale of tickets.
  • Also, a financial year-end statement must be submitted after the organization's year-end. Every organization's year-end is different.

The organization must comply with the Terms and Conditions set out by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.

Phone:  For general information, call 311.  For detailed inquiries about Lottery Licences, call (519) 255-6200, Option #1.