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The City of Windsor periodically conducts surveys as a means of soliciting ideas and opinions from residents so we can better serve the community as a whole.

Community Surveys

The City of Windsor is piloting the use of an innovative new public survey tool to gain insight from residents on the issues and topics important to them as well as their level of satisfaction with various services and amenities.

“We are always striving to engage our residents, and this partnership with Zencity will be a great conversation starter to further understand the needs and opportunities in our city,” said Commissioner of Economic Development and Innovation Jelena Payne.

The Zencity-powered surveys are open to residents through digital ads in various locations, including news websites, social media platforms, blogs, and apps, or through this link:

Zencity logo over aerial view of downtown Windsor, river and Detroit

Local Road Speed Hump Surveys

Residents and business owners on selected Windsor streets can now vote on traffic calming via speed humps.

Words, Submit Your Vote, with car driving over a speed hump in background

For more information on City of Windsor services and projects, please contact 311.​