How 311 Works
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How 311 Works:

Call centre operators and staff at work311 is a customer service improvement strategy designed to make it easier for citizens to access their municipal government for both information and non-emergency services.

311 systems field non-emergency calls and inquiries, as opposed to 911 systems, which deal with emergency and critical situations. This can reduce call traffic to the 911 system, unburdening the city's emergency response staff.

Motorola's CSR system was designed specifically for government. The software-based system facilitates not only the intake process and handling of citizen service requests, but it also manages the resolution activities associated with the call.

When a caller asks a question, answers are at the operator's fingertips. For service requests, input screens prompt them to gather the necessary data. Based on the answers given, a work order may or may not be generated after the call is complete.

When a service request is entered, the CSR system presents a checklist of tasks with time estimates and generates an electronic work order which is sent to the appropriate operating department for follow-up.

CSR works together with the city's Geographic Information System (GIS), allowing for split-second validation of addresses and mapping of incident locations.