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Candidate Information

Candidate Campaign Financial Forms

Form 4 Financial Statement and Auditor's Report (To be completed by every candidate in a municipal or school board election. Must be filed with the municipal clerk.)

Form 5 Financial Statement - Subsequent Expenses (To be completed by a candidate who incurs costs related to a recount, controverted election or compliance audit after the supplementary campaign period has passed, and who receives the surplus funds from their campaign held in trust from the clerk.)

Form 6 Notice of Extension of Campaign Period (To be completed by a candidate who has a deficit at the end of the regular campaign period and wishes to extend their campaign. Must be filed with the municipal clerk.) 

Key Dates

See the complete list of key dates for the 2018 Municipal Election.

Office of the City Clerk
350 City Hall Square West
Windsor, Ontario, Canada N9A 6S1
Phone: For general election information, call 311.
For detailed election inquiries, please call (519) 255-6211
Fax: (519) 255-6868
Email: clerkselections@citywindsor.ca ​​​


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