Delegation List for Council Meetings

Monday, May 29, 2023

PRESENTATIONS (10 minutes) 
10.1. Report No. 1 of the City Hall Square Plaza Project Steering Committee (SCM 132/2023)
a) Valerie Dawn, Glos Architects, Cindi Rowan, Director, Studio L & Scott Torrance, Studio L (in person)
DELEGATIONS (5 minutes) 
a) Debi Croucher, Executive Director, Downtown Windsor BIA (in person)
b) Caroline Taylor, Ward 2 resident (in person)
c) Howard Weeks, Ward 4 resident (in person)

DELEGATIONS (5 minutes) 
8.21. Closure of north/south alley between University Avenue East and 245 Parent Avenue and part of east/west alley between Marentette Avenue and 867 Chatham Street East, Ward 4, SAA-6623  (SCM 144/2023) & (S 32/2023)
a) Alrifai (AJ) Abdulrahman, representative for 0 University Avenue East, available for questions (in person)
8.2. Sandwich South Employment Lands - Study Updates - Ward 9 (C 72/2023)
a) Margaret Hurley, Ward 9 resident (in person) 
b) Laura Herlehy, Consultant, Dillon Consulting Limited, available for questions (in person)
c) Bill Balazs, President of 386823 Ontario Limited (in person)
 8.20. 436 Askin Avenue - Heritage Permit Request (Ward 2) (SCM 143/2023) & (S 25/2023) & (AI 7/2023)
a) Helen Martin, Ward 2 resident (in person)
b) Frank Butler, Ward 2 resident (in person)
c) Ryan Solcz, Solicitor for the applicant, available for questions (in person)
d) Allan Djordjevic, owner, available for questions (in person)

11.2. Response to CQ 13-2022 – Process to allow Memorial Signs within the right-of-way and the feasibility of allowing the placement of mulch in the right-of-way without a permit - City Wide (C 205/2023) & (AI 5/2023)
a) Steve Sullivan, CEO, MADD Canada (via Zoom)
b) Bryan McEldowney, Ward 2 resident, available for questions (via Zoom)

8.11. Housekeeping Amendments to By-law 14-2023 - Wards 1 and 2 (C 81/2023)
a) Al Teshuba, Owner, Performance Property Management (in person)
b) Boris Sozanski, President of Windsor Housing Providers Inc. (in person)
c) Kevin Flood, Owner, Lance Homes (in person)
d) Marion Overholt, Executive Director, Legal Assistance of Windsor and Community Legal Aid, and Tori Jenkins, Staff Lawyer, Legal Assistance of Windsor (in person)


The following person(s) contacted the Clerk’s Office to register as a delegation after the Friday 12:00 o’clock noon deadline. In accordance with Section 10.9 of the Procedure By-law, a simple majority vote of Council is required to hear the delegation(s):

  • (This section will only be completed when necessary.)

Excerpt from the City of Windsor Procedure By-law 98-2011 - A By-law to provide rules governing the proceedings of Windsor City Council meetings and its committees and the conduct of its members (Part 10-Delegations):

  • "The Clerk shall not register a delegation unless there is a specific item listed on the Order of Business to which the delegate has a bona fide interest and wishes to address Council / Committee. Any person who wishes to appear before Council shall make application to the Clerk by the Friday preceding the Council meeting, 12:00 noon, to be placed on the Order of Business to appear before Council at the meeting at which it will be dealing with the item of interest to the delegate. A written brief is encouraged and, if submitted to the Clerk by noon on the Friday preceding the Council meeting, shall be copied and distributed as 'Delegation' submissions to Council members. A maximum of 5 minutes shall be allotted for each delegation to present his/her position of support or opposition to the relevant item on the Order of Business. Where there are numerous delegates taking the same position on a matter, they are encouraged to select a spokesperson to present their views."

Click to view the entire City of Windsor By-law 98-2011 "A By-law to provide rules governing the proceedings of Windsor City Council meetings and its committees and the conduct of its members." 

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