Liquor Licences

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) processes and issues Liquor Licences. As part of the process of applying for a new or expansion of a Liquor Licence, the applicant is required to visit the Licensing Division in order to have the following completed:

AGCO Municipal Information Form

  • Download the Municipal Information Form or visit the AGCO website at
  • Applicant must complete Section 1.
  • The Licensing Division completes Section 2 including a signature from the appropriate City Official.
  • The completed Municipal Information Form is returned to the applicant for processing to the AGCO.

Licensing and Enforcement Department Requirements

  • Completed Liquor Licensing Information form: This form is a City of Windsor form and is only for the City's purpose.
  • You must make application at the Building Department to arrange for an inspection and to receive your capacity letter, which will be required by the AGCO.

Contact the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario for details regarding the process of obtaining a Liquor Licence. The above information relates only to the City of Windsor's involvement in the process.

For more information please visit