The Petition Policy establishes the manner in which a written request regarding a particular issue is signed by residents and presented to City Council for consideration. The Policy can be found at the below link:
Petition Organizers should use the template provided below:
In General, Petition Organizers must ensure that the petition:
  • Includes a clear statement addressed to Council communicating its purpose, which shall be within the jurisdiction of the Municipality.
  • Be signed by two or more residents who share the concern.
  • Be in legible handwriting in ink (no pencil) or in printed form or printable form.
  • Petition topic must be included on each page for multiple page petitions along with the page number and the total number of pages.
  • Each page of the petition must clearly disclose that the petition is considered a public document and the personal information of signatories may be made available to the public.
  • Be appropriate and does not contain any improper or offensive language or information.
  • Includes name, address, phone number or email address and signature of each petitioner.
  • For Petitions circulated digitally by the organizer, each signatory must provide his or her name, address and valid email address.
  • Indicates the name of one contact person and contact information for staff follow-up if necessary.
  • Is submitted to the attention of the City Clerk by mail or delivered in person to Windsor City Hall if it contains original signatures. Petitions circulated digitally could be sent by email to Petitions could also be submitted to the Mayor or any member of City Council by email.