Standard Specifications

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Document Title
Index Index to Standard Specifications (February, 2024)
S-1 Sewers (January, 1999)
S-2 Maintenance Holes and Catchbasins (March, 2018)
S-3 Earth Excavation (Grading) and Structural Removal (January, 1976)
S-4 Granular Base & Aggregates (February, 2022)
S-5 Concrete Curbs and Gutter Systems (April, 2022)
S-6 Concrete Sidewalk and Driveway Approaches (April, 2022)
S-7 Concrete Pavement and Concrete Base (April, 2022)
S-8 Sewer Pipeline and Culvert Rehabilitation by Cured-In-Place Pipe (February, 2022)
S-9 Concrete (February, 2022)
S-10 Hot Mix Asphalt (February, 2022)
S-11 Culverts, Headwalls and Roadside Drainage (May, 2017)
S-12 Borehole Investigations (February, 2024)
S-13 Weighing of Materials (July, 2012)
S-14 Sodding (February, 2022)
S-15 Seeding (February, 2022)
S-16 Perforated Corrugated Pipe Sub-Drains (January, 2015)
S-17 Reinforcing Steel (May, 2017)
S-18 Routing and Sealing (July, 2012)
S-19 Cleaning of Gravity Sewers, Manholes and Catchbasins (January, 2015)
S-20 Vacant
S-21 Vacant
S-22 Vacant
S-23 Maintenance Painting of Structural Steel (January, 2015)
S-24 Unshrinkable Backfill (July, 2012)
S-25 Vacant
S-26 Vacant
S-27 Vacant
S-28 Full and Partial Depth Reclamation with Expanded Asphalt Stabilization (July, 2012)
S-29 Utility Cuts Restoration (August, 2012)
S-30 Bridges (February, 2022)
S-31 Keyhole Excavation (July, 2012)
S-32 CCTV Sewer Inspection (February, 2022)
S-33 Winter Control Snow Plowing, Salting and Snow Removal Activities (January, 2015)
S-34 Topsoil (June, 2022)
S-35 Replacement of Private Drain Connections (May, 2022)
S-36 Preservation of Trees (May, 2017)
S-37 Dust Control (July, 2012)
S-38 Prevention of Debris from Entering Existing Sewer Systems (July, 2012)
S-39 Backfill and Utilities (January, 2015)
S-40 Installation Method of Traffic Signage Disturbed by Construction (July, 2012)
S-41 Open Graded Drainage Layer (January, 2015)
S-42 Cold Milling of Asphalt Pavement (January, 2015)