Brownfields Rehabilitation Grant Program
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​Brownfields Rehabilitation Grant Program


Encourages the remediation, rehabilitation and adaptive re-use of brownfield sites.


Provides grants to help pay for remediation costs not fully disbursed by the Brownfields Tax Assistance program and non-environmental rehabilitation costs normally associated with brownfield site redevelopment.

Financial Details

The program begins after the Brownfields Property Tax Assistance Program ends and offers an annual grant equal to 70% of the City property tax increase for up to ten (10) years to help owners of brownfield sites offset the increase in property taxes that can result from redevelopment of their property. The annual grant amount increases to 100% of the City property tax increase for any building project that achieves certification under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Program.


This program applies only to properties requiring environmental remediation and/or risk assessment/management.


Brownfields Property Tax Assistance/Rehabilitation Grant Program Guide.

Brownfields Property Tax Assistance/Rehabilitation Grant Application

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