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Question markFrequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

  1. Q: Why do seniors and students pay the same as adults?
    Everyone pays the same cash fare on the city service or for the tunnel and special events service.  Seniors and students pay discounted rates for bus passes and tickets.  View detailed fare structure.
  2. Q: What is the white box on the back of the tickets for?
    Should your ticket be rejected by the farebox, you or the driver may rub the area with a coin to check if the ticket is valid.
  3. Q: What are the rules for a day passes?
    A day pass is valid for unlimited rides for one day from the time of purchase until 3am on the following day.  Currently, the pass is only available on the bus, and you must advise the driver that you wish to purchase this product before depositing your cash.  Our drivers do not carry money and cannot make change, so exact fare is required.
  4. Q: What is the difference between a day pass and family pass?
    A day pass is good for one adult.  A family pass is good for either two adults and up to three children or one adult and up to four children, between 5 to 12 years of age.  Both allow for unlimited ridership during the specified time allotment.
  5. Q: What is an APP pass?
    APP stands for "Affordable Pass Program".  You must complete an application form and meet the eligibility requirements.  This will allow you to purchase an adult or student bus pass at a reduced cost.  Find out details for the APP program or send an email to transitapp@citywindsor.ca  for further assistance.
  6. Q: Is the fare different for the tunnel bus and buses going to Comerica Park or Ford Field?
    No, the fare is the same for the tunnel bus or special event service to Comerica Park or Ford Field.
  7. Q: How long is a bus pass good for?
    Bus passes are sold by the calendar month.  The exception is the Student Summer Saver pass, which is valid for the months of July and August. 
  8. Q: Why is my ticket being rejected?
    Like vending or slot machines, the ticket will be rejected by the bill module if not entirely flat and dry.  Angle the ticket up slightly as you feed in.  If rejected a second time, the driver will ask you to either have the ticket replaced or give you instructions on how you may still pay your fare with this ticket.
  9. Q: Why isn't my bill being accepted?
    Like vending or slot machines, the bill will be rejected if not entirely flat and fed in on a slight angle.  If rejected for a second time, you will have to use another bill, as our drivers do not carry money or make change.
  10. Q: Why can't I use American dollar coins and dimes?
     American dimes and dollar coins are no longer accepted.  However, the newly minted Canadian loonies and toonies which are manufactured using different alloy composition are now acceptable.  Additional memory was required to process the new coins in our fareboxes while continuing to accept the older versions of the one and two dollar coins.
  11. Q: Does the farebox make change?
    The new farebox does not give back change nor issue a credit slip.  Additionally, our drivers do not carry money and cannot make change, and overpayments are not reimbursed.
  12. Q: Why do I have to drop my coins through the slot more than once?
    The coin module validates each coin and only accepts legal Canadian and U.S. coins.  All other coins will be rejected.  Just like vending and slot machines, sometimes a coin has to be dropped a second time before it is accepted.  If rejected for a second time, you will have to use another coin, as our drivers do not carry money or make change.
  13. Q: Why did the bus driver confiscate my bus pass?
    This is part of the driver's duties to take any bus pass that is not used in accordance with our conditions.  Find out reasons why the driver would confiscate a pass.
  14. Q: Why isn't my transfer reading properly?
    A: Transfers are printed from the farebox and time stamped at the time of issue.  The transfer is valid for 2 hours, so it may be expired.  The expiry date/time is printed on the ticket so the driver may verify if you believe the ticket is still valid.
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