Bus Pass Care
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Caring for Your Pass 

Purchasing a bus pass entitles you, and only you, to use the bus system.  However, like most bank cards, Transit Windsor retains ownership of the bus pass and reserves the right to confiscate and not return or refund the pass if not used in accordance with the terms and conditions.    


  1. Always carry your pass with you.  Do not leave it in your locker or unattended.  Treat your bus pass as you would cash, because there are no free replacements for lost or stolen passes. 
  2. Check the date on your pass: Expired passes will not be honoured. 
  3. Fill out the information on the reverse side of the pass (name, address, etc.).  That way, should you lose it, we can contact you if the pass is found.
  4. Do not lend your pass to someone else.  Even if someone else uses your pass without your permission, it will be confiscated and you may be ineligible to purchase future passes.

Confiscated Pass

A driver may confiscate your bus pass as a result of the following:
  1. Lending your pass to another person
  2. Handing your pass out the window
  3. Using a pass without Transit Windsor photo identification 
  4. Defacing or altering the appearance of the pass or the photo ID.


Caring for Your Bus Pass


The magnetic strip on your pass contains electronically stored information.  Your pass may be damaged by the following elements: 


  • Bending or scratching the magnetic strip
  • ​Dampness
  • ​Eel skin leather products
  • Electrical current
  • ​Extreme heat or cold
  • ​Magnets
  • ​Paper clips
  • ​Zippers


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