Transit - The Road Ahead
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Transit - The Road Ahead

The Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA) has embarked on an initiative that involves the development of an industry vision, framing a comprehensive definition of the role of public transit in Canada for a 30-year time horizon.

Transit Vision 2040 communicates transit's contribution to quality of life, the nature of change likely to take place in our communities by 2040, the implications these changes will have on transit, and strategic directions for actions that can maximize transit's contribution to our quality of life.

  • Transit Vision 2040 is about putting transit at the centre of communities through stronger government policy and decision-making frameworks, and better community planning and design.
  • It is about revolutionizing service in all types of communities through expansion and innovation, so that transit systems can both encourage and serve growing demands as they keep pace with the changing face of cities and towns.

Visit Transit Vision 2040 for more information.

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