Transit Master Plan
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Transit Master Plan (TMP)

Residents took part in open public workshops in 2005 regarding how to increase transit ridership by improving services. The feedback obtained from the public was used to develop an outline for the Transit Master Plan.


The study encompassed the examination of possible service improvements such as: 

  1. Improved routing
  2. Route coverage
  3. Frequency and schedule reliability
  4. Possible fare strategies, such as reductions in fares, electronic fares, free transit on smog days, and fare reductions on weekends
  5. Possible customer amenities such as bus shelters, security, ergonomics, and climate control
  6. Possible marketing strategies and integration with other modes of transportation 

The plan will also review the governance of regular and special services to see where savings can be achieved.

A potential for interlining some trips could result in a reduction of greenhouse gases by eliminating the need for two vehicles providing service in the same area. 

Further, an important component of the plan will be to provide a systematic approach for potential service expansion to neighbouring municipalities of LaSalle, Amherstburg, and/or Tecumseh and Lakeshore to provide a regional transit system. 

The study will also develop a plan to address information-gathering technology to monitor system performance and ridership growth.  

Expected outcomes in several major areas include:

  • A communications plan
  • A review of current operations and development of a ridership growth plan
  • The development of a strategic plan providing short- and long-term goals and strategies 
  • Transportation demand strategies
  • Environmental and economic performance goals
  • A strategic action plan and a business plan
  • A decision model for public transit route planning and scheduling which integrates transit, transportation, and land-use planning
  • Strategies to provide a regional transit system
  • A fare strategies update

Read the details of the Transit Master Plan: Management Growth and Asset Management Plan (PDF).

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