Windsor Archaeological Master Plan
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Windsor Archaeological Master Plan

Introduction of Archaeology

Brief Summary of the Windsor Archaeological Master Plan (WAMP)

An "archaeological investigation" may be required as a condition of planning approval for major developments that lie within the area of high archaeological potential as depicted in yellow on the Archaeological Potential Map. Areas of high archaeological potential generally encompass lands along waterways, in the vicinity of known archaeological sites, in historic areas of Windsor and Sandwich, and along historic roadways.  Whether a proposed development will be subject of an archaeological investigation will depend on factors such as the size of the development, whether the site has been previously disturbed, and whether it lies in an area of special interest (waterfront, native village, etc.). The attached map will, however, indicate if there is likely to be archaeological interest in the property. 

An archaeological investigation entails the property owner hiring a licensed archaeologist to research the subject property and satisfy the Ministry of Culture that there are either no archaeological resources on the property or that development will not disturb archaeological resources remaining on the property. It is similar to studies for hazardous wastes, etc., with which developers are more familiar.

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