Business Improvement Areas
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Business Improvement Areas

What is a Business Improvement Area?

A Business Improvement Area (BIA) is an association of property and business owners within a specified district who join together in beautification, promotion and other development activities aimed at stimulating local business in that district. BIAs must have the official approval of the City, in accordance with legislation set out in the Ontario Municipal Act.

Once a BIA is approved by City Council, every commercial property owner within its boundaries automatically becomes a member. There are no exceptions, under the principle that all who benefit should be required to bear their fair share of the cost of the program. For more information on BIA levies, see our Tax Billing Cycle and Business Improvement Area Levies pages.

Effective BIAs benefit not only businesses and the community but Windsor's overall image as well. They can be an economic and social anchor to surrounding neighbourhoods and help to stabilize and add vitality to the local community. Early in 2003, the Planning Department was assigned to act as the point of first contact within City administration for matters pertaining to Windsor's BIAs.

What is the City of Windsor's Interest in Business Improvement Areas?

BIAs are recognized in Windsor's Community Strategic Plan and its Official Plan as important not-for-profit organizations which contribute to community development at a grassroots level

Map of BIAs

City of Windsor BIAs

Downtown streetscape 


 Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association 




 Ford City streetscape



 Ford City Business Improvement Association

View the Ford City BIA Info Package (August 2013)




Walkerville BIA



Olde Riverside streetscapeOlde Riverside Town Centre

Riverside BIA Median Drawings


 Olde Sandwich streetscape 


Olde Sandwich Towne Business Association





Ottawa Street streetscape 

Ottawa Street Business Improvement Area 






Pilette streetscape 


 Pillette Village BIA

View the Pillette Village BIA Info Package (August 2013)



 Via Italia streetscape 


Via Italia / Erie Street BIA

View the Erie Street BIA Info Package (August 2013) 



 Wyandotte streetscape 


 Wyandotte Towne Centre BIA 



For general information, please call 311. For detailed inquiries, please contact:
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Planning Division
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Windsor, Ontario, Canada N9A 6S1
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