Application Processing

Council delegated the authority for Site Plan Approval to Administration. More recently in accordance with By-law 11275, approval authority is delegated to a designated official except in the locations noted below where approval by Council is required. In those areas noted below, the Planning and Building Services Department will report the application to Council for a decision.

  • Any development on City-owned lands
  • Any development within the Downtown Business Improvement Area
  • Any development on the north side of Riverside Drive
  • Any development on lands identified in a resolution of Council requiring site plan approval by Council
  • Any development on a property that is appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) 

Prior to filing an application, applicants are strongly urged to meet with the Site Plan Approval Officer in the Planning & Building Services Department to discuss:

  1. Site plan approval process
  2. Details of the development proposal
  3. Standards and requirements/conditions of Site Plan Approval

An application received by the Planning & Building Services Department that is not fully completed will not be accepted for processing.

Under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, applications accepted by the Planning & Building Services Department are forwarded to the Clerk's Office where they are listed with Council as received and retained on file for public information.

All communication from the Planning & Building Services Department regarding the application will only be with the agent listed on the application form unless otherwise requested.

All inquiries as to the status of the application should be directed to the Site Plan Approval Officer listed on the application form.

The Site Plan Approval Officer reviews the application to determine if it is deemed a major or a minor development. Applications involving "major developments" will be processed by the Planning & Building Services Department and forwarded to the Site Plan Review Committee for review and recommendation to the Official and/or Council. The designated Official and/or Council consider "Minor developments" without prior referral to the Site Plan Review Committee.

As a condition of Site Plan Approval, the land is required to be developed in accordance with the approved plan(s), i.e. access to the site; building location; parking; loading facility/amenities; basic infrastructure requirements; protection of adjoining properties, etc. Bonds or letters of credit are required to ensure/guarantee the installation and maintenance of required facilities. The requirements are normally provided for in a site plan agreement registered on title of the property. In some instances, the decision of the Official or resolution of Council may be sufficient without an agreement.

View our series of informative pamphlets for step-by-step instructions on Site Plan Control and other topics.

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