3112 Wyandotte Street West
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3112 Wyandotte Street West

Address: 3112 Wyandotte Street West

File No: Z-001/19 

The parcel is designated as Residential in the City of Windsor Official Plan, zoned Residential District 1.2 (RD1.2) and S.20(1)236 by Zoning By-law 8600. The lot has a width of 21.54 metres, a depth of 37.25 metres, and an area of 800 square metres and is occupied by a duplex dwelling, an accessory building and two driveways. The applicant is requesting an amendment to Zoning By-law 8600 changing the zoning from RD1.2 to Residential District 3.1 (RD3.1) and a site specific exception to permit a townhome dwelling with three dwelling units and a parking area with six parking spaces. The S.20(1)236 zoning will remain. The applicant proposes to remove the northerly-most driveway. A site specific exception is required to allow a two-way access area with a minimum width of 3.0 metres. The development as proposed is subject to site plan control.

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