850 Wyandotte Street West, 530-572 Crawford Avenue
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​850 Wyandotte Street West, 530-572 Crawford Avenue 

Address: 850 Wyandotte Street West, 530-572 Crawford Avenue
File No: Z-015/18, OPA 126

The applicant is requesting an Amendment to the Official Plan (OPA) and an Amendment to Zoning By-law 8600 (ZBA) to allow the construction of a six-storey multiple dwelling with 147 dwelling units and 185 parking spaces including 4 accessible parking spaces, 11 bicycle spaces and 2 loading spaces. Access is via two driveways from Crawford Avenue. No vehicular access is proposed from Wyandotte Street. Refuse bins are located within the building.

The parcel is designated Mixed Use on Schedule D: Land Use of the City of Windsor Official Plan; zoned Commercial District 2.2 (CD2.2) and S.20(1)15; has a lot area of approximately 1.5 hectares, a lot frontage along Wyandotte Street West of 110.03 m, a lot frontage along Crawford Avenue of 125.88 m; and is currently vacant. The parcel was previously owned by Loblaws and was rezoned (Z-023/06) in early 2007 to allow a grocery store with a garden centre.

Section (a) in the Official Plan prohibits new residential development within 300 m of a rail yard. The applicant indicates that the parcel is approximately 280 m from the rail yard to the south. Therefore, an amendment to the Official Plan is required. The applicant has submitted an Acoustical and Vibration Report in support of the OPA.

The proposed development is subject to site plan control, and all mitigation measures identified in the Planning Justification Report, Acoustical and Vibration Report, Traffic Impact Study, and Combined Sewers Assessment Report will be considered during that process. A holding symbol will ensure that those mitigation measures are appropriately incorporated.

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