​7446 - 7780 Tecumseh Road East (Tecumseh Mall)

Applicant: Europro (Tecumseh Mall) LP
 Dillon Consulting
File No:
 OPA 150 OPA/6483 & Z-023/21 ZNG/6482

The overall parcel has a total area of 17.83 hectares (44.06 acres), with frontage along Lauzon Road, Tecumseh Road East, and Lauzon Parkway; is designated Commercial Centre on Schedule D: Land Use in the City of Windsor Official Plan; is zoned Commercial District 3.3 (CD3.3) by Zoning By-law 8600; and is occupied by a shopping mall (Tecumseh Mall) and several individual commercial buildings, including an LCBO store, bank, and two restaurants. The parcel has direct access to signalized intersections at Lauzon Road, Tecumseh Road East, and Lauzon Parkway; and three right-in/right-out driveways. Transit Windsor operates a bus terminal at the northwest entrance to Tecumseh Mall. A rail corridor is located along the northerly lot line.

The proposed development is located on a 4.39-hectare (10.84 acre) parcel at the northwest corner of the Tecumseh Mall lands consisting mostly of vacant undeveloped land and a small parking area. The conceptual plan in the Zoning Matrix Memo consists of five 19.2-metre tall multiple dwelling buildings (6 storeys) with 390 dwelling units and 498 surface parking spaces, including 23 accessible parking spaces. Vehicular access to the development will be via the existing driveways and collector aisles on the subject lands – no direct access to any adjacent road is proposed. The conceptual site plan is subject to change.

The applicant is requesting an amendment to the Official Plan by adding a special policy area to allow residential as an additional permitted use and an amendment to Zoning By-law 8600 by adding a site-specific exception to allow a multiple dwelling as an additional permitted use subject to the provisions of the Residential District 3.3 (RD3.3). The proposed development is subject to site plan control. A Plan of Condominium application may be submitted in the future.

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