​3493 Sandwich Street

Address: 3493 Sandwich Street

File No: Z-018/19

The applicant requests a site specific amendment to Zoning By-law 8600 to permit the conversion of the existing two (2) storey, mixed-use structure with four (4) residential apartments on the second floor and two (2) commercial units on the main floor to a residential multiple dwelling with 6 residential units. The parcel is designated Residential in the City of Windsor Official Plan permitting Low to High Profile dwelling units, including small scale forms such as single detached dwellings up to multiple dwellings with up to 8 units. The subject property is currently zoned Commercial District 2.1 (CD2.1) and Residential District 3.1 (RD3.1) in Zoning By-law 8600.

Prior to 1970, the subject property was used for a number of commercial uses on the main floor and residential apartments above. The second floor residential apartment units are considered legal, non-conforming within the CD2.1 zoning category. The applicant intends to convert the vacant commercial main floor to two additional residential apartments, and the four residential apartment units on the second floor will remain, for a total of six (6) residential units in the existing structure.  

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